Thursday, May 24, 2012


Here is my long awaited oatmeal post. I told you I would need an entire post to talk about the oatmeal I make in the mornings and here it goes. In the States I was relatively tame with my oatmeal. Here, anything's game!

All oatmeals are cooked fresh and to order. Boiling water poured over your choice of mixed ingredients and ready in minutes.

Classic Oatmeal
Quaker oats mixed with milk powder, peanut butter, full bodied eucalyptus honey, plump raisins, imported dried fruit from America, and a sprinkling of moringa powder
Monkey Oatmeal
Your classic oatmeal with mashed tree ripened bananas
Quaker oats, milk powder, peanut butter, and cocoa powder for a creamy rich taste that starts your morning off with class
Tropical Sunrise
Quaker oats, milk powder, unsweetened shredded coconut, diced mango, authentic Cape Cod Craisins, and a dash of spicy wild acacia honey

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