Monday, February 13, 2012

Nutrition Trainings

Peace Corps loves to promote nutrition trainings. Write that up into your grant proposal or in your semiannual report and they'll smile as they are one number closer to reaching Washington's goal. Nutrition is a problem here, I'm not denying that, and here is why I believe us American volunteers are so qualified to promote better nutrition:
A balanced diet follows the recommendations of the food pyramid. Or wait, maybe that's the reverse pyramid... Either way, base your meals around a grain then add meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, and sparse sugar. Unless, of course, you can cut out the grain entirely and supplement with meat. Your body uses proteins quicker than carbs. But red meat can be fatty and can increase cholesterol, so try to eat leaner meats. Check to make sure your fish hasn't been contaminated with mercury. And factory farmed chickens are pumped with hormones. So actually, eat as little meat as possible and have mostly vegetables. Beans are a good source of protein. Eat lots of soy. But maybe not too much for women because it might cause infertility. Just make sure you get all the essential proteins so you don't become anemic. Pair foods like oranges and spinach. Make sure to eat them in the same meal... or maybe at least within the same week. And it's best to eat seasonally so that your food is fresh. And locally to decrease environmental impact and increase sustainability. Turkey is a good source of iron and it's a white meat. In fact, try thinking about eating the rainbow, all the colors, in order to get all your vitamins. Red (but undercooked meat can cause disease), orange, yellow, lots of green, blue, purple might be hard but some candies contain purple 34. Charred black food that's been grilled can increase your risk of cancer. As can being overweight. All you have to do to lose weight is make sure you eat between 26 and 30 points per day. Jenny Craig makes it easy if you limit yourself to three of her ready, just heat and eat, packaged meals per day. And always make sure to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day. You can just drink one of these slim fast shakes if it fits into your busy schedule better. Here's a new flavor with the acai berry. And this one is sugar free, just like this sugar free, calorie free coke. Maybe that's a better way to get your caffeine in the morning than your normal coffee. Getting a mocha latte at Starbucks is like drinking a cinnamon roll, plus it's always better to eat your calories than drink them. But vodka is low calorie and a little red wine might be good for the hear. Olive oil and other 'good' fats also help decrease your risk of heart disease. Check with the Heart Association of America, but be weary of labels used to make you think things are healthy. Salads at MacDonalds have more calories than a burger. Eat this not that. Good fats. Saturated fats. Dietary fiber. Superfruits! Just put some moringa powder in your food, ok?!

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